Top 10 Best Alternative To Crutches Of 2019

Crutches have been used for literally from the very beginning when the patients suffer ankle, knee or foot injury. Though crutches can provide sufficient support for the body unloading your weight, it is a well-known fact that they can cause severe stress and pain over your arms and wrists. Moreover, to get you out of such a troublesome problem, there are now several choose the best alternative to crutches.

Most of these alternatives are designed to make sure easier and safer than conventional crutches. However, choosing the most suitable one is quite challenging as it depends on your injury and current physical abilities. Therefore, we are here with the top 10 best crutches alternative of 2019 after going through numerous models. Just scroll down to check our picks, and we do hope that you will get a perfect one in no time.

Buying Guideline for Best Alternative to Crutches

Among several types of crutch alternatives, you need to choose with utmost care. Otherwise, you will get pain and discomfort from the chosen one. Regarding the best crutches alternatives, you have to consider certain factors before buying.

  • Shape and Type: There are several types of alternatives are available in the market like Rollator, Knee Walker, Wheelchair and many more. Depending on your injury, recovery period and personal ease and comfort, you need to choose among those.
  • Construction: Quality and serviceability primality depend on construction material. Most of the supportive tools are of aluminum, steel or similar metal. While choosing one, you have to ensure the sturdiness along with their balancing structure.
  • Adjustment: To make the most of any supportive tool, you must have a proper fitting. Different people have different heights and physical requirements. Therefore, adjustment for height and handle is quite essential. You need to confirm that the chosen one suits your physical condition.
  • Wheels and Bottom: The wheel plays the most important in imparting mobility for the device. Defective wheels or bottom tips may result in severe accidents. This is why you must check the wheels and bottom tips to ensure smooth and sufficient sliding.
  • Weight Capacity: Weight capacity is indeed significant regarding the proper usage of the tool. Heavy loads will cause the handle to break with ease whereas the moderate one will induce natural movement along with medical recovery.

Top 10 Comparison Chart

Our Full In-Depth Review

1. Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker

drive medical dv8 aluminum steerable knee walker

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It is quite harsh and painful to get around of town, stadium or shopping mall with standard crutch pairs. Get rid of those painful problems using a perfect alternative, the DV8 Steerable Knee Walker from Drive Medical.

Features and Benefits

Suitable Design for Medical Recovery

Having an orthopedic design, this helps the patient to attain quick recovery from leg surgery, break or amputation. This is an ideal option for young and energetic people to make their movements.

Steerable Crutch Offers Greater Maneuvrability

The walker can be steered which induces greater control over the machine. The crutch can move forward and backward; you will face an excellent condition to enjoy free movement.

Further Stability with Leg Pad

There comes an additional leg pad which keeps your leg in a comfortable and safe position. Apart from that, the pad contains channel ensures further space to put the injured leg.

Height Adjustment for Handle & Seat

Adjustment is indeed an important factor regarding the proper fitting of the crutches with your body. Moreover, to make sure of that, both the seat and handle are adjustable for this unit.


  • Knee cushion having channel offers comfortable movement.
  • Tool-free height adjustability suits a wide variety of people.
  • Easy to fold allows for hassle-free storage and transportation.
  • Dual brake system for 8” wheel induces optimum safety.
  • Sturdy aluminum construction along with silver finishing.


  • Handle jamming on the chest may occur.
  • No particular locking mechanism is present.


Add up some mobility with fun and comfort with this great alternative. A more great adjustment will fit your body to make it safe and comfortable for you.

2. Hugo Elite Rollator Walker with Seat Backrest

hugo elite rollator walker with seat backrest

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This perfect alternative to crutches offers the required mobility, portability along with convenience. This rollator from Hugo Elite induces reliability and confidence in your walking.

Features and Benefits

Extra-Large Wheels Ensures Mobility

There are 4 attached wheels of 8” diameter at the bottom. Thus the wheels can withstand your body weight and induces smooth mobility.

Simple to Use with Tool-free Assembly

Without requiring any additional tool, this is quite easy to set up and assemble. Also, the frame is simple to fold which easily fits most trunks.

Hidden Storage Facility at Backrest

There is ample storage available under the backrest. It allows you to keep your belongings safe with easy accessibility to your valuables.

Orthopedic Design for Rehabilitation

Through suitable design, it helps your injured leg to experience a quick recovery. The structure assists your leg muscles to get the supportive strength back.


  • Compromised balance along with sturdy frame construction.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with swiveling wheels.
  • Easy to squeeze and offers better control over the movement.
  • Push on brakes require simple turning and tightening to lock.
  • Adjustable handlebars and a built-in seat having a backrest.


  • The assembly may seem to be difficult for first-timers.
  • Brake handle screws are not sturdy enough to stick on.


Providing optimum safety with larger wheels, you will feel safer for sure. Easy customization adds up some control over your movement as well.

3. Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker with 5-Inch Wheels

alternative to crutches

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For a convenient and safe aid to make daily movements, this one would be a perfect choice. This Drive Medical construction combines durability and strength to enable you moving over most surfaces.

Features and Benefits

Sturdy Frame with Greater Capacity

The frame is of high-quality aluminum that offers supreme durability and stability. Moreover, the quality construction comes with a higher weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Gliding Caps Allow Smooth Movement

There come gliding caps at the bottom that trigger easy sliding. Not to mention, controlled sliding over the surfaces will reduce your effort to make movements.

Suitable for Confined and Narrow Spaces

Every single side can operate independently which makes them very convenient to use. This feature allows you to walk in narrow and confined spaces.

Easy to Use Push Button Mechanism

To ensure smooth and comfortable customization, it introduces a simple push-button mechanism. You can operate using your fingers, palms and hand sides.


  • Optimum strength yet lightweight frame with an aluminum body.
  • U-shaped design comes with greater clearance for the user.
  • Superior stability along with advanced cross-frame construction.
  • Included rear glide caps encourages natural sliding movement.
  • Comfortable walking through the contoured grip and height adjustment.


  • The bolt connection at the sides is not very strong.
  • No rear wheels may cause problems for specific users.


This versatile walker has sufficient features to impart effective mobility. Therefore, innovative design makes it convenient to use in your injury time.

4. Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

drive medical blue streak wheelchair

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Along with some great features, this one is indeed a perfect replacement for the crutch. With the cutting-edge designation, this Drive Medical wheelchair offers incredible versatility.

Features and Benefits

Independent Mobility with Superior Design

Along with cutting-edge technology, this wheelchair provides enjoyable independency. The user-friendly design comes with smooth mobility for your injured life.

Customizable Support for the Legs

The desk arm is detachable along with premium swing-away rests for the legs. Both of them deliver a convenient space to keep your body relaxed and supported.

Enhanced Safety through Lockable Wheels

All the wheels contain tire features to enable greater mobility without any risky sliding. Apart from that, the tires have a push-to-lock system that encourages the safety of the user.

Comfortable Seating and Support

Through the 18” wheelchair seat of nylon, you will get a somewhat comfortable seat to take. High-Quality plastic induces long-lasting softness which is easy to clean as well.


  • Innovative design ensures improved mobility and lifestyle.
  • Lightweight frame comes with A durable and sturdy construction.
  • Swinging footrest and detachable arms offer premium seating.
  • Easy mobility over surfaces through the simple push to the sides.
  • Cross-braced nylon seat requires low maintenance works.


  • Loud noise may occur due to movement over the uneven surface.
  • The front wheels don’t come with an extreme attachment.


These traditional wheelchairs can deliver you a comfortable seat and smooth mobility. Being safe and secure to operate, you may consider having this one.

5. HurryCane Freedom Edition Folding Cane with T Handle

hurrycane freedom edition folding cane

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This all-purpose cane attained high popularity across the world due to its excellent supportive features. Including advanced medical systems, this HurryCane product offers supreme versatility.

Features and Benefits

Patented Technology Induces Greater Support

Having patented cutting-edge technique, this one delivers superior support for the body. Not to mention, you will get a seamless extension for the injured portion all the time.

Innovative Design Increases Stabilization

Featuring advanced SteadiGrip technology, it offers optimum balance for the body parts. Again, it induces greater stability which makes you safe from stressing a particular body part.

Customizable Height for Perfect Fitting

Proper usage of these type of tools requires perfect fitting with the body. The handle height is adjustable between 30.5” up to 37.5” to ensure a comfortable fitting.

Easy Maneuverability and Compactness

The handle is capable of standing on your side when you need to use it. Apart from that, the compact design allows you to fold and transport or store the handle with safety.


  • Ergonomic construction to relief possible stress over the hand.
  • Comfortable handling and movement through ComfortFit grip.
  • Superior stability over all terrains with SteadiGrip security.
  • Optimum safety while moving along with non-skidding traction.
  • Natural simulation for the mechanical motion of the injured leg.


  • The cane base seems to be little smaller than others canes.
  • The middle portion of the handle can come out over heavy load.


This gained worldwide popularity through its controversial design. You can a decent and comfortable mobility along with its convenient features.

6. iWALK 2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutch

iwalk 2.0 hands free crutch

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First to mention, to use these hands-free crutches, you must have the capability of bending your legs at 90 degrees. These crutches are highly suitable for walking down the stairs without any problem.

Features and Benefits

Handle Free Movement

As these crutches will be attached with your knees so you can enjoy a hands-free movement. These crutches don’t require any hands to operate these crutches like the conventional ones. Though these are hand-free but can carry weight up to 275lbs.

Versatile Crutches

These crutches will provide greater versatility to your usage. You can either use it to your left leg or right leg according to your comfort. These are suitable for both legs.

Compact Design with Height Adjusting Buttons

These compactly sized crutches are suitable for people having a height of 5’1″ to 6’2″. Moreover, for better movement, you will find the height adjusting facility.

Fabric Straps with Knee Buckles

For proper padding, these crutches come with fabricated straps. Also, the knee buckles help to wear off/on the crutches. Also, it helps to reduce impact.


  • Hands-free design.
  • Quick on/off buckle.
  • Instant height adjusting buttons.
  • Adjustable fabric straps.
  • Sturdy padded knee foot.
  • Suitable for both legs.


  • If you put the straps too tightly to your knee, it might cause a blood clot (DVT).


Finally, strap the crutches around your knee to the proper tightness. Could you not put it too tight, or too loose. The instant height adjustment will undoubtedly provide a better walking facility through uneven surfaces.

7. Able Life Space Saver Lightweight Folding Travel Walker

able life space saver lightweight folding travel walker

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This is indeed the smallest folding walker you can use for versatile and safe support. Along with this Able Life construction, you are guaranteed to have complete satisfaction for sure.

Features and Benefits

Smaller Diameter Suits Narrow Passageways

Lift the included tab with a single fingertip, and you will get a folded walker of 7” diameter. Therefore, it is highly suitable for using a narrow passageway or confined spaces of the house.

Optimum Mobility along with Wheel and Feet

There are 2 stationary wheels at the front which induces smooth and easy mobility. Meanwhile, there are comfortable gliding feet on the rear side allowing safe and comfortable sliding.

Simple Height Adjustment Facility

To fit with your body height, height adjustment for the handle is available. You can adjust the handle height from 4’10” up to 6’8” with a single fingertip.

Incredible Construction Eases Maneuverability

Along with sturdy metal construction, it induces superior quality service against its price. You will get natural customization settings along with enhanced weight capacity of 400 pounds.


  • Superior frame construction provides increased weight capacity.
  • Highly suitable for using at confined and narrow passageways.
  • Stationary wheels with gliding feet induce smooth mobility.
  • Lightweight to carry and simple to fold for convenient storage.
  • One fingertip is good enough to make the required adjustments.


  • The grip may cause some difficulties for taller people.
  • Proper balancing is quite difficult to attain with ease.


You can go through any tight places with ease using this one. Being lightweight but sturdy, it would be a great option to walk with safety.

8. Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker Fold Up

drive medical aluminum rollator walker fold up

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A rollator can deliver convenient as well as safe aid to develop your regular mobility. Eliminating the necessity of having a walker, this Driver Medical alternative offers a smooth, comfortable and gait walking experience.

Features and Benefits

Outstanding Design Ensures Quick Rehabilitation

Through orthopedic design, it helps your injured leg to experience a quick recovery. The structure enables your leg muscles to get the supportive strength back.

Extra-Large Wheels Provides Superior Mobility

There are 4 attached wheels of 7.5” diameter at the bottom. Therefore, the wheels can withstand your body weight and induces smooth mobility.

Backrest Storage for Belongings

There is ample storage available beneath the seating backrest. It delivers storage to keep your belongings safe with easy accessibility.

Tool-free Assembly Offers Simple Maneuverability

Without requiring any additional tool, this one is quite easy to assemble and set. Again, the frame is simple to fold which easily fits car trunks.


  • Durable steel frame delivers greater strength and mobility.
  • Non-marking wheels of 7.5” diameter suits all terrains.
  • Easy folding allows convenient and secure storage facility.
  • Independent adjustment of the height along with lever.
  • Foldable padded backrest induces comfortable seating.


  • Interior seating width may not be sufficient for some users.
  • The bench seat is mounted on a cheap and thin board.


You can have this light, suitable and agile supportive device to enjoy maximum mobility. Not to mention, you will face almost no difficulty while using this one.

9. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker

crutches alternative

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The idea of having crutches to get over a more extended recovery period seems a bit disturbing. Along with innovative mobility and incredible control, KneeRover comes with a perfect scooter to get your freedom back.

Features and Benefits

Convenient Scooter for Easy Support

With a trial scooter design, this can assist you to have a fast recovery from severe leg surgery and amputation. This is a good option for young and strong ones to make their movements.

Steerable Design Provides Easier Maneuverability

The scooter can be steered which delivers more significant control over the movement. It can move both forward and backward, and you will have an excellent condition to get outside of the house.

Height Adjustment for Handle & Seat

Adjustment is indeed an important factor regarding the proper fitting of the crutches with your body. Moreover, to make sure of that, both the seat and handle are adjustable for this unit.

Greater Customization and Compactness

Offering a handlebar, this one induces sufficient customization for better performance. Apart from that, the compact design allows you to fold and transport or store the handle with safety.


  • Lockable handbrake allows immediate stopping with control.
  • Superior navigation through advanced drum brake technique.
  • Maximum durability and strength with double bar construction.
  • The convenient basket at the front provides safe storage of things.
  • 3” cushioned knee pad can accommodate a wide range of users.


  • The wheelbase to quite narrow to provide sufficient support.
  • The smaller radius for turning causes problem in confined spaces.


To have a fun time with your mobility, you can choose this scooter to move around. The unique and safe design will help you to attain a better recovery time.

10. Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

drive medical lightweight steel transport wheelchair

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This chair is indeed a suitable replacement for the agonizing crutch having some great features. Combining advanced technology with innovative design, this product from Drive Medical offers satisfactory service.

Features and Benefits

High-Quality Construction Imparts Serviceability

With incredibly sturdy steel construction, this great wheelchair offers excellent serviceability. The steel induces durability along with the strength to support your body.

Reasonably Large to Fit Narrow Spaces

Through advanced design, this one comes with a reasonable dimension to fit your body and workspace. It is quite suitable for narrow passageways or confined spaces of the house.

Lockable Wheels Enhances Safety

All the 4 wheels at the bottom come with greater mobility without much effort. Not to mention, the included push-to-lock system encourages wheel safety.

Independent Mobility through Innovative Design

Having a superb cutting-edge technique, this chair induces an enjoyable independency. The user-friendly design offers smooth mobility with almost no risk.


  • Durable and sturdy construction provides a lightweight frame.
  • Improved mobility and lifestyle through innovative design.
  • Premium seating experience with swinging footrest & detachable arms.
  • Requires almost no maintenance works for cross-braced nylon seat.
  • Easy mobility over surfaces through the simple push to the sides.


  • The connections are quite weak to support the load.
  • Poor build quality may seem to be uncomfortable at first.


Through quality construction and innovative design, it delivers safety and comfort in the first place. Along with customizable features, you will get it highly user-friendly.

Final Verdict

Each of those above 10 come with a detailed application for patients. Your injury intensity will make the initial decision. Some can find all of them suitable whereas others can see only one or even no suitable option. However, we tried our best to cover the most common and suitable ones that can fit and support your body with optimum comfort.

Regarding our great analysis and customer review, we can assure you that you will barely find any suitable substitute in their respective field of application. With the best alternative from our list, you can have a decent and independent moving life once again for sure.