Top 10 Best Crutches Reviews Of 2019

Crutches can be your best companion for faster recovery along with performing usual daily life activates. From temporary injury to severely injured patients, it provides comfort to all. To ensure safety manufacturers are coming with advanced technologies to give the patient quick healing, faster mobility, and super safety.

Here are the top 10 best crutches review which will guide you to choose the perfect one for you. You will get to know which one you should for if you are temporarily injured or after tendon-bone surgery or seriously injured. Also, you must be aware of the load-bearing capacity along with your compatible sizes.

Needless to mention, this review is based on honest reviews from customers, their user experience and by the analysis from our experts.

Best Crutches for Long Term Use

Choosing the best crutches for your recovery is always tricky. Here we have reviewed the top 10 best crutches 2019 within a reasonable price. We have considered all the features of each product along with their downsides. So why waiting to heal quickly? Let’s proceed to find the best one for you.

Top 10 Comparison Chart

#PreviewProductWeight (lbs)Capacity (lbs)Height Range
1ergodynamic crutchesErgoDynamic Forearm Crutches by FDI2.642864’7″ to 6’8″
2ergobaum 7g crutchesErgobaum 7G Royal Forearm Crutches5.63605′ to 6’6″
3donjoy rebound crutchesDonJoy Rebound Crutches6.168004’7″ to 6’10”
4x-crutchX-Crutch (Underarm Crutches)42754’3″ to 6’2″
5mobility designed crutchesMobility Designed Crutches63004’11” to 6’8″
6better walk crutchesBetter Walk Crutches53005’5″ to 6’4″
7in motion pro crutchesMillennial In Motion Pro Crutches75004’6″ to 7’2″
8in motion forearm crutchesMillennial In-Motion Forearm Crutches63503’6″ to 6’3″
9millennial medical crutchesMillennial Medical Crutches64005’7″ to 6’10”
10mobilegs ultra crutchesMobilegs Ultra Crutches43004’9″ to 6’4″

Our Full In-Depth Review

1. ErgoDynamic Forearm Crutches by FDI

best crutches reviews

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Having a lightweight with perfect balancing ErgoDynamic Forearm Crutches by FDI is listed at the very top of our top ten crutches review’s list. Its unique impact reducing feature, heavy-duty performance and untearable forearm pads are enough for quick recovery of the patients. Here are other features with few drawbacks to mention.

Features and Benefits

Lightweight but Heavy-Duty Performance

ErgoDynamic Crutches are lightweight, each weighing 1.32lbs. This is very easy for the patient to maneuver rather than using traditional heavy weighing crutches. Though it’s lightweight can carry weights up to 286lbs. Also, these are compatible with both shorter and taller people. People ranging from 4’7″ to 6’8″ are eligible for using these crutches.

Untearable Forearm Pads & Excellent Gear Controlling

These crutches are empowered with untearable forearm pad. You can rest your hands on these forearm pads. These also provide perfect balance while moving. For ensuring outstanding mobility and safe movement, you will find the in-handle linkage system. This will prevent you from propelling forward.

Unique Impact Reducing System

These crutches are integrated with extraordinary impact reducing shock absorber. So while hitting the ground, you will feel no pressure. This minimal movement helps in quick recovery and healing faster. Moreover, there are 3 types of shock absorbers available in this model. You can choose according you’re your weights.


  • Durable construction.
  • The lightweight feature allows easy lifting of patients.
  • Untearable and soft forearm pads decrease the risk of unwanted pain.
  • 3 different shock absorbers to provide smooth mobility.
  • Excellent gear control helps to balance correctly.


  • No arm strap included.
  • Difficult to adjust the length.


Though there are some drawbacks, having some additional accessories will do the trick. Otherwise, these crutches have every feature for faster recovery with maximum comfort.

2. Ergobaum 7G Royal Forearm Crutches

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Not only for temporarily injured patients but for chronical patients, these Ergobaum 7G Royal Forearm Crutches are recommended. The orthopaedical surgeons design these crutches. These 7th Generation crutches will surely amplify your mobility and provide maximum comfort. Let’s look briefly why it stands out of the market.

Features and Benefits

Compatible Height and Maximum Weight Carrying Capacity

Ergobaum Crutches are consistent with people having a height of at least 5′ and maximum 6’6″. Though each crutch weighs only 2.8 pounds but can carry weights up to 360lbs.

Easy Folding with Adjustable Height Feature

To maximize your mobility, either standing or sitting, these crutches come with an easy folding feature. Also, these crutches are empowered with height adjusting feature. To provide the best body posture, it is a handy feature. You can set your crutch according to your comfort by this height adjusting feature.

Comfy Grips and Shock Absorbers

These crutches are equipped with comfortable grips. These grips help to hold the hand in a neutral position and enable normal blood circulation. Moreover, it prevents patients from occurring any soreness or abrasion for holding constantly. Furthermore, it protects you from underarm injury or wrist injury. Also, the spring-loaded shock absorber provided minimal movement and less pressure to your body while walking. This helps in fast curing.


  • Compatible with both short and tall people.
  • Spring-loaded shock absorber ensures safety and comfortable movement.
  • Comfy grips provide better posture.
  • Built-in LED lights and horns.
  • Height adjusting feature.
  • Available in 9 different colors.


  • Not preferable for lower limb paralyzed patients.
  • These crutches cannot bear heavy loads.


Though these crutches have some drawbacks, if we point at the brilliant features, it can be easily ignored. Height adjustment feature, comfortable grips and spring-loaded shock absorbers for both short and tall people make these crutches one of the best in today’s market.

3. DonJoy Rebound Crutches

donjoy rebound crutches

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With the travel-friendly design, huge weight support capacity and with revolutionary impact reducing system DonJoy Rebound Ergonomic Crutches stand out of the market. Let’s take a short look at the feature.

Features and Benefits

Different Sizes & Great Weight Lifting Facility

These crutches have different sizes to suit for people having a height of 4’7” to 6’10”. So these crutches can be great for both kids and adults. Moreover, it has a considerable weight carrying facility. It can support up to 500 pounds.

Travel-Friendly Design with Brilliant Gripping

DonJoy Crutches have a unique folding system. This folding technology makes these crutches space-saving and travel-friendly. You will find it convenient to store in any place. Moreover, the excellent gripping facility prevents yours from any nerve damages. This gripping provides your hands to stay in a neutral position which keeps a healthy blood flow.

Comfy Cradle & Revolutionary Spring System

To lessen soreness and irritation because using for a longer time, you will find a padded underarm cradle with these DonJoy crutches. Not only soreness but it also eliminates from causing abrasion. Moreover, it is equipped with a revolutionary impact reducing spring system. You will feel minimal or zero impact while hitting the ground with these crutches. It also prevents you from propelling forward while walking. These are very helpful for quick recovery.


  • The vast weight is supporting capacity.
  • Space-saving folding design.
  • De-allows from propelling forward.
  • Comfy cradle eliminates soreness and abrasion.
  • The unique impact was reducing technology.


  • As these crutches can carry huge weights, so it weighs more massive than the other two. (3.08 pounds per crutch)


Overall, as it can support the enormous weight so weighing each crutch heavier than the standard ones is not a big deal. Moreover, for better comfort and faster recovery these crutches have revolutionary spring system.

4. X-Crutch (Underarm Crutches)

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These underarm or axillary crutches can be a great healer for temporarily injured patients. With its durable construction and unique length memory function, these crutches are widely used by various patients. Let’s point out the features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

Sturdy Construction & Wide Size Range

The aircraft aluminum made alloy give these crutches a durable construction. Because of this premium graded construction, these crutches can carry weight up to 550 lbs. Moreover, these crutches come in different size ranging from 4’3″ to 6’2″.

Collapsible Crutch with Cane Feature

Length memory function is the uniqueness of these crutches. This electronic technology helps the crutches remember the previous height position. Just press the button, and it will perform automatically within a second. Moreover, these crutches can be used as a cane. This means you can extend the bottom portion without changing the top and vice versa.

Stable Feet

These crutches have anti-slippery rubber feet. These ensure that you won’t slip. These durable rubber feet provide safe movement to the patients. Moreover, you can easily pass through the stairs with these cane featured X-Crutch. This stable rubber feet will prevent you from any slipping accident and will provide excellent support to your shoulder.


  • Aluminum aircraft-grade construction ensures long-lasting.
  • It is enabled with length memory function.
  • Suit perfectly with any sizes.
  • Rubber feet provide stability to the patients.
  • Collapsible design.
  • Ensure perfect body posture.


  • No foam attached with the underarm cradle.
  • A bit noisy.


Though these crutches produce a sneaky noise while walking but these provide maximum stability too. As these crutches are for temporarily injured patients, so you don’t need the foamed underarm cradle.

5. Mobility Designed Crutches

mobility designed crutches

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It’s highly suitable for ambidextrous people, who uses their both hands at work. These M+D Crutches offer you a hands-free movement. So you can use both your hands as the crutch will remain attached to the elbow. What other feature do these crutches consist? Let’s look.

Features and Benefits

Hands-free Movement with Shock Absorption Feature

These Mobility Designed crutches come with hands-free movement. That means, keeping your hands free, you can easily control and walk by the support of the elbow. So there is no risk of injuring your hands, wrist or armpits. Moreover, the impact of reducing spring system provides greater comfort to your body while moving. This spring system is crucial for quick healing.

Adjustable Armbands with Great Weight Lifting Facility

You can easily adjust the armbands of these crutches according to your heights ranging from 4’11” to 6’8”. Within this height, you can easily attach or detach your crutches from your knees. Moreover, these crutches can lift to 300lbs. The superbly engineered load distribution system will feel less pressure while using.

Both Legs Aptness & Anti-Slippery Option

This M+D crutch suits perfectly either with right or left leg. Moreover, you will find a braille code to equip the crutches with your leg faster. Furthermore, these crutches come with zero slippage facility. Means, you can easily walk on wet poolside.


  • Durable design.
  • Hands-free moving facility.
  • Adjust to your desired height.
  • Zero slippage option.
  • No underarm, wrist or hand pain.


  • No cup or coffee holder attached.
  • Each crutch is a little weightier than traditional crutches.


In today’s busy world people uses both hands simultaneously. So why constraining your activities? Try out these hands-free crutches for more natural movement.

6. Better Walk Crutches

better walk crutches

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With elegant blueish style and super supportive strength, Better Walk Crutches can be your best companion in your recovery period. These crutches will help you to keep perfect body posture. We’ve briefly discussed here other essential aspects of using these.

Features and Benefits

Super Forearm and Walking Facility

These crutches enhance your walking facility and provide suitable forearm support. The patented design from Better Walk ensures your quick recovery to your leg injury. This versatile, supportive tool provides the perfect load distribution. It helps to reduce the pressure over your body and won’t cause any underarm pain.

Suitable Height and Weight Lifting Capacity

The height limitation of these crutches is from 5’5″ to 6’4″. These crutches can carry weight up to 300 lbs. This is the optimum support, but if you weigh a bit heavier, it can also take that without any problem.

Premium Handles & Dual Height Adjustment

For keeping a perfect body posture, these crutches come with premium quality made handles. Not only it protects you from wrist pain but also helps to maintain great balance. Moreover, the dual height adjustment facility delivers you to adjust both your arm length and Crutch length.


  • Premium built-in materials.
  • Noise-less walking.
  • Better load distribution facility.
  • It helps to keep perfect body posture.
  • Easy height adjusting facility.


  • A bit heavier than traditional crutches.
  • Shorter people might find these crutches challenging to use.


Overall, these crutches can be an excellent companion for adults. Moreover, these crutches have been featured in different influential magazines because of their heavy-duty performance and facilities.

7. Millennial In Motion Pro Crutches

in motion pro crutches

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These crutches are highly preferable for serious leg injured patients. Also, these are recommended for patients who have done recent leg surgery. These mid-range crutches offer you multiple features and confirm your quick recovery. Let’s discuss briefly.

Features and Benefits

Weight Lifting Capacity

These crutches come with the aluminum body. This provides heavy-duty performance and can support weight up to 500lbs.

Height Adjusting Crutch Tips

These crutches are ideally suited for people having a height of 4’6” to 7’2”. Moreover, the height adjusting facility provides for adjusting the crutches to your suitable position. You will find dial-ins to change the crutch tips.

Comfortable Handles and Folding Facility

The ergonomically designed handles will prevent you from causing any nerve damages. As your hand, wrist and body will be aligned correctly, so there is no risk of causing carpal tunnel syndrome. Moreover, the quick folding facility allows you to fold your crutches within seconds while sitting.


  • Durable construction.
  • The advanced impact is reducing impact system.
  • Underarm or wrist injury is presenting handles.
  • Adjustable crutch tips.
  • Heavy load-bearing capacity.
  • Available in 3 colors grey, electric red and solid white.


  • Impact reducing system doesn’t work correctly on sands. So it’s not preferable to use inside the beach.
  • A bit heavy crutch than the traditional ones.


Overall, walking on beaches with these crutches might be difficult, but if you neglect this, there are considerable advantages to using these crutches for profoundly injured patients.

8. Millennial In-Motion Forearm Crutches

in motion forearm crutches

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These orthopedic crutch pairs come with superior technology and features to offer the perfect support. You will receive a high-quality frame to support your body with this Millennial Medical product.

Features and Benefits

Heavy-Duty Construction Offers Better Serviceability

Through incredibly sturdy aluminum construction, these induce excellent serviceability. The aluminum imparts strength and durability despite having lightweight.

Advanced Technology to Assist the Movement

Along with these pair of crutches, you will get advanced technology of spring assistance. It will help you to hold the grips with ease reducing wrist pressure to a significant extent.

Comfortable Application through Articulating Tips

The crutch tips are articulated encouraging their more comprehensive and safe application over the terrain. The tips prevent excess traction allowing the user to put the body support with ease.

Easy to Use with Ergonomic Handles

Having superior quality handles, you will face almost no difficulty in grabbing the crutch and applying your body weight. With completely molded cuffs, the gripping becomes more comfortable for anyone.


  • Maximum durability and enhanced strength with an aluminum frame.
  • Reduces wrist pain and stress over the hand through spring assistance.
  • Articulated tips for crutch are available for both adults and children.
  • Fully molded cuff induces comfortable and safe contact with the surface.
  • A wide range of height adjustment for the handle from 3’6” up to 6’3”.


  • Quite heavy to carry as a regular forearm crutch.
  • The grip may cause wrist stress and pain.


Having advanced technology, this one comes with better performance. You will receive customizable features to make your move with ease.

9. Millennial Medical Crutches

millennial medical crutches

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If you are looking for crutches for taller people especially which won’t cause any underarm and wrist pain, then this Millennial Medical crutches might be an excellent option for you. Here are the detailed features and benefits along with some drawbacks.

Features and Benefits

Height Adjustment Facility

Mainly, these crutches are for taller people having a height of 5’7″ to 6’10”. Also, you will find a height adjustment option. This will help you to set crutches at your desired height for faster operation and easy accessibility. Moreover, these crutches support up to 400 lbs.

Underarm Cradle and Foamed Handle

These crutches are enhanced with a sizeable underarm cradle. This cradle helps for better suitability for the user. Moreover, it also ensures uniform load distribution. This underarm cradle supports your front position, and the front arm keeps your shoulder straight. Alongside, there you will find a foamed gripping handle for your palm support. This prevents you from having wrist pain. Moreover, the ergonomically designed handle will help you to have better blood circulation. It helps to minimize soreness and fatigues.

Folded Design with Impact Reducing Tip

You can easily store these crutches wherever you want because of its folding facility. It allows you to fold the crutches while seating and unfold it while you stand up. This operation needs only a second to perform. Moreover, the impact reducing shock absorber will provide an enhanced moving experience. You can now quickly move on grass, dirt, carpet alongside on wet floors.


  • The aluminum constructed body ensures durability to the frame.
  • Uniform load distribution facility.
  • Impact reducing shock-absorbing tips.
  • Folded design.
  • No unwanted pain to underarm and wrist.


  • If you are walking in foggy conditions, the rubber grip might get slippery.
  • Each crutch might seem hefty for using at first. However, you will get used to it very soon.


Considering all the features and benefits the drawbacks can be easily ignored. Though these crutches are mainly designed for taller people, due height adjustment facility shorter people can also go for these crutches.

10. Mobilegs Ultra Crutches

mobilegs ultra crutches

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Mobilegs Ultra Crutches has gained popularity in today’s market not only for its elegant and stylish design but also for its load-bearing capacity and durability. These crutches will ensure safety while maneuvering and help you to get rid of underarm, wrist pain. Here is the in-depth look at the features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

Compatible Heights & Weights

These crutches can lift to 300lbs. It is suitable for both shorter and taller people. People are having a shorter height of 4’9” can use these crutches. Also, people having a taller height of 6’4” is capable of using these.

Superior Quality Handles with Angle

For better load transmission the handles of these Mobilegs Crutches come with excellent material built handles. The ergonomically designed handles prevent you from any wrist injury. Besides, these well-engineered handles protect you from any underarm injuries or nerve damages.

Fully Moulded Handgrips

These are equipped with molded handgrips to provide the patient with maximum comfort and gripping facility while moving. It offered better holding support to the patient.

Ultra-Quality Saddle

Ultra Crutches from the manufacturer Mobilegs come with a patented saddle. This saddle delivers soft and sufficient support in their underarm without causing any injury. The rough and hard arm set that you can find on traditional crutches can cause severe pain and even nerve damages. Whereas, these crutches are exceptional.


  • Superb construction material provides durability.
  • Easy length adjustment facility.
  • No underarm or wrist pain.
  • The rocket tip provides maximum contact with the surface.
  • Ultra-quality saddle delivers comfortable movement.


  • Though it can support up to 300lbs, due to overloading, it might squeeze.
  • These crutches are suitable for maneuvering on any surfaces, but be careful while moving through the stairs.


Finally, considering all the advantages and few drawbacks, it can be an excellent option for quick recovery and smooth movement. Though it has weightlifting limitation the weight distribution through the patented saddle will surely deliver your maximum comfort and safety.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, from those mentioned above top 10 best crutches in the world, you can choose anyone you want. All come with good quality and performance. The best way to select your crutches is according to your injury type. Also, you have to be concern about the load-bearing capacity along with your size. Grab the best one for you and start recovering from today!