Top 10 Cheap Crutches Price Under 100 Dollars

Crutches provide support and impart mobility for patients having a leg injury or surgery. Best quality crutches induce natural movement, better physical stability with proper body balance. A good crutch, therefore, helps the patient to recover his injury in managing the chronic state more effectively. However, for the short-term recovery period, you should not go for luxurious or valuable ones.

Instead, you need to check out some cheap crutches which will deliver perfect support for short-term injury. However, there are too many models on the market and finding a quality one would be tough. After that, we got here 10 cheap crutches under $100 to meet your demand. Scroll down to explore our picks, and we do hope that you will be able to find the desired one within less time.

Buying Guideline for Cheap Crutches Under 100 Dollars

As you want to have cheaply priced crutches, you will find too many models to choose for sure. Therefore, finding the best cheap crutch among all of these may seem to be impossible at first glance. However, there are always some specific factors that control the quality of any product. Regarding cheap crutches, there exist some as well.

  • Physical Condition: Your physical condition is the very first thing to consider. Whether you can make a try to walk or how much weight you can hold is too important. It is the best option to consult a doctor before getting crutches.
  • Crutch Weight: For weak, older and severely injured patients, the ability to hold the crutch does matter a lot. It is a safe option to go for lightweight ones, regardless of your injury or ability. The lighter, the better is the verdict.
  • Construction: Although you should check light ones, you must ensure the construction quality. Quality aluminum or steel crutches are most suitable considering weight, durability, capacity, and strength.
  • Crutch Capacity: Capacity is another factor that needs your attention. You have to choose as per your body height and weight. Overloading will result in sudden bending or breaking which may end up in a disastrous condition.
  • Secure Bottom: To make good contact and maintain a perfect balance, checking the bottom is necessary. Apart from that, bottom tips should be strong enough to support your loads and also soft enough to resist noise creation.

Top 10 Comparison Chart

Our Full In-Depth Review

1. Crutcheze Underarm Crutch Pads and Hand Grips

crutcheze underarm crutch pads

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This hand-made product uses the best quality fabrics and foam to ensure the utmost comfort. Your mobility challenge for the injured leg will become more comfortable and more suitable for these Crutcheze supports.

Features and Benefits

Professional Design Offers Supreme Comfort

These crutches are designed by healthcare professionals to ensure their meditative benefits. The design offers maximum support reducing pressure over the arms and wrists.

Ease of Use through Contoured Foam

With padded underarm and grip covers, it imparts comfort and protection. The contoured foam allows easy gripping for the stylish handle and also, requires fewer maintenance works.

Provides Secure Movement with Fasteners

Apart from the metal construction, there come loop and hook fasteners for additional strength. Therefore, it induces further stability and weight-bearing for the entire frame.

Orthopedic Ingredients Induces Bodycare

Along with foam core padding, this crutch offers superior support and additional comfort for your arms. Not to mention, the padding is machine washable and latex-free.


  • Enhanced durability and supportive design with metal frame.
  • Highly suitable for avoiding stress over the arm or wrist.
  • Relieves abrasion and pressure through healthcare design.
  • Secure movement along with an extra loop and hook fasteners.
  • Contoured padding offers resistance against bacteria and UV.


  • The armpit padding can produce creaky noises while walking.
  • Underarm padding is likely to feel uncomfortable with many clothing.


Professional and orthopedic design induces great mobility for this one. Relieving abrasion and pressure, it will help you to have a better life for sure.

2. Drive Medical Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Crutch

cheap crutches

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Unlike the traditional ones, this one combines perfect construction with comfortable grips. Therefore, this Drive Medical creation induces rather enjoyable support with safety for the injured leg.

Features and Benefits

Sufficient Capacity through Sturdy Construction

Along with commercial graded aluminum tube, the frame offers a universal capacity of 300 pounds. The sturdy construction allows you to put your body weight without any difficulty.

Lightweight yet Very Strong Frame

The high-quality aluminum induces a lightweight frame for you to carry. Not to mention, the tube is manufactured using scientific methods that deliver incredible strength to bear the load.

Height Adjustment to Fit All Sizes

To make a perfect fitting for the crutch with your body, there comes height adjustment. The handle is adjustable from 29” to 38” which is suitable for people who are 60” to 74” tall.

Molded Cuff and Grip Offers Comfort

With plastic cuff and quality grip, it offers optimum comfort for your underarm and wrist. You won’t catch any excess stress while walking with these plastic handled crutches.


  • Incredible serviceability along with superior aluminum construction.
  • Plastic armpits induce maximum comfort and ease for the arms.
  • Height adjustment facility allows people to make a perfect fitting.
  • The universal weight-bearing capacity of 300 lbs suits most people.
  • The lightweight frame and no assembly makes it portable to carry.


  • The pit may seem floppy for some users.
  • This may not be a good option in case of severe injury.


Being stylish and comfortable, this suits the young generation quite well. With this one, you will receive comfortable support to induce a rapid recovery for the legs.

3. Life Crutch by Millennial Medical with Ergonomic Handles

life crutch by millennial medical

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The unique but orthopedic design makes this one a great choice to bear your physical weight. Being almost perfect for the post-surgery period, this Millennial Medical offers excellent versatility for the patients.

Features and Benefits

Sturdy and Lightweight Construction

Through superior construction, this incredible supportive device comes with sturdiness. Not to mention, the aluminum bars provide a lightweight frame to take your loads.

Greater Coverage through Articulated Tips

Having articulated tips, the crutch covers more area than its competitors. You can have up to 75% surface coverage while walking which encourages a secure footing system.

Suitable for Short-Term Recovery Period

These crutches are particularly ideal for short-term usage (not more than 4 weeks). Therefore, this one is quite perfect to experience a rapid recovery of your leg damage.

Comfortable Gripping with Handles

With the ergonomic handle, you can maintain a natural position for your wrist all the time. Thus it keeps you safe from catching sore wrist and carpal tunnel with continuous and prolonged walking.


  • Commercial aluminum imparts strength and durability for the frame.
  • Proper height adjustment facility along with 19 different options.
  • More excellent coverage for the surface through articulated tips at the bottom.
  • Capable of maintaining a natural position for the wrist all the time.
  • Unique and innovative handle design allows for comfortable gripping.


  • Arm pad can slide down over excessive loading and usage.
  • The bottom edge can be stuck due to its sharp construction.


Get back your independent mobility along with this one. Incredible features will surely help your injured leg to regain its strength.

4. ORTONYX Walking Forearm Crutches

ortonyx walking forearm crutches

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Proving a superior combination of aluminum with polypropylene, these forearm crutches deliver incredible comfort. ORTONYX comes with advanced features to get your walking freedom back.

Features and Benefits

Heavy-Duty but Lightweight Frame

Having high-quality aluminum construction, this crutch meets your mobility requirements. Being lightweight, you won’t have to put any painful effort to make your move.

Greater Comfort with Polymer Handle

The handle is of bi-injected elastomer and polypropylene which brings superb comfort. Not to mention, the polymer imparts softness to support your arm all the time.

Easy Adjustment of Handle Height

To have the best fitting with your body, you will get a comfortable adjustment facility for the height. Of course, the adjustable-height ranges from 30” to 39” to fit most adults and youths.

Ergonomic Bottom Tip Prevents Noise

There lies one bottom cup of superior quality at the root. Not only the tip allows secure and accurate footing but also the soft, yet sturdy tip prevents possible noise production.


  • Extremely lightweight but highly sturdy construction for the frame.
  • Quality aluminum induces better performance and durability.
  • Proper fitting with the body size through more great height adjustment.
  • Handle made of plastic induces comfortable gripping for the arms.
  • Secure bottom cups of heavy-duty material allow secure footing.


  • Not very suitable for long-term recovery sessions.
  • Short people will find it difficult to customize.


You can have a good time with this versatile crutches. The lightweight frame and comfortable handle induce better control and movement.

5. Medline Standard Aluminum Crutches

medline standard aluminum crutches

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Though it is almost like the old version, it comes with several enhancements to offer comfort. The Medline crutches come with perfect construction to encourage your movement.

Features and Benefits

Easy Maneuverability with Center Post Limits

This old-school design comes with i-beam construction along with center post limits. It allows maximum is turning rotation of 14 which keeps the pushbutton in the eyesight.

Safety Features to Move on the Stairs

There comes virtually unbreakable deflector of sufficient length for safe movement over the stairs. Thus it reduces the slipping possibilities to increase the stress-tolerant to some extent.

Optimum Serviceability with Metal Ring

The built-in ring of metal induces sufficient strength to carry your loads. Apart from that, the exterior finishing of good quality enhances the serviceability for a long time.

Complete Accessory without Assembly

These great crutches arrive being completely accessorized in the pack. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about folding or assembling the individual parts which relieve you from further hassle.


  • Superior quality aluminum imparts excellent durability and strength.
  • Unbreakable stair deflector induces safer movement across the stairs.
  • Prevents moisture actions and possible wear for the metal ring.
  • Facilitates easy adjustment by keeping the pushbuttons insight.
  • Greater traction force along with non-skidding rubber tips at the bottom.


  • The handle height may seem to be quite short for many people.
  • Adjustment facility is insufficient in several cases.


Have the best mobility and support along with these crutches. They come with enhanced safety features for your movement.

6. FDI OptiComfort Lightweight Forearm Crutches

fdi opticomfort crutches

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Through innovative design and durable construction, these crutches from FDI induces a different supportive tool. Being lightweight and easy-to-use, this one is capable of fulfilling your needs.

Features and Benefits

Ultra Lightweight with Sturdy Metal Construction

Along with quality and sturdy metal bars, these crutches come with optimum strength. Despite being highly durable, the frame offers ultra-lightweight for you to carry.

Forearm Padding Features Deeper Cuff

Through the deep cuff, you will enjoy a comfortable gripping with ease. Not to mention, the cuff also features a soft pad for the forearm which is replaceable upon wearing.

Maximized Contact through Flexible Bottom Tip

The innovative design for the bottom includes a flexible tip to increase the contact area. The flexible design induces contact from an angled position which maximizes the surface for your footing.

Height Adjustment with Selective Locking

Offering height adjustment facility, the crutch can fit with your body height with ease. Again, selective locking with additional safety clips makes the adjustment easy and effortless.


  • Maximized strength and durability along with the quality metal frame.
  • Weighing only 1.12 pounds, this is one of the lightest crutches to use.
  • The deep cuff features an additional, replaceable forearm pad.
  • The optimum surface of contact through a flexible bottom tip design.
  • Highly soft replaceable hand grips are having an easy pushbutton release.


  • The foamed armpit may seem flimsy for specific users.
  • Crutch joints may get loosen due to heavy loading.


For weak or elder, get this lightweight crutches to bring mobility into their lives. Convenient features offer superior versatility for these crutches.

7. Carex Folding Crutches 5 Pounds

carex folding crutches

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Along with this one, you will get superior convenience to use anywhere you want. Despite having a bit high weight, these from Carex Health delivers the optimum support for your body.

Features and Benefits

Lightweight Carriage with Aluminum Frame

Being made of commercial aluminum, you will get a lightweight crutch to walk with. Though the aluminum is quite light, yet comes with superior potency and active lifespan.

Foldable Design for Better Portability

Featuring a convenient folding system, it requires much less storage space than traditional ones. Also, the folded design allows you to take it anywhere keeping it inside the car trunk.

Quick Adjustment for Almost Everyone

This one is highly suitable for adults, younger as well as taller people having a height of 4’11” up to 6’4”. You can unfold within no time and make a quick adjustment.

Soft Armpit Induces Supreme Comfort

Including soft, sporty armpit, this grip offers incredibly high comfort and ease. It helps you to get rid of stress and abrasion over the wrists ensuring a safe and healthy gripping for you.


  • Sturdy aluminum construction offers a lightweight frame.
  • Comfortable underarm padding induces relaxed gripping.
  • Suitable for ordinary heightened youth, tall and adults.
  • The incredible folding facility delivers a better storage system.
  • Sporty padded grips prevent excess pressure over the arm.


  • The cheap rubberized tip may quickly wear out over excessive usage.
  • Difficult to assemble the whole unit for any first-timer.


Despite having a bit higher weight, you can experience a premium service with this. The design contains almost everything to ensure a comfortable time.

8. Drive Medical Forearm Crutches

drive medical forearm crutches

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Strat your post-injury working session along with this high-capacity crutches from Drive Medical. Innovative design with superior construction will provide satisfactory support for sure.

Features and Benefits

Extremely Strong yet Lightweight Frame

With high-quality aluminum construction, this crutch meets all your mobility requirements. Being lightweight, you won’t have to put any massive effort to move.

Easy Adjustment of Handle Height

For the best possible fitting with your current physique, you will get a comfortable height adjustment facility. Of course, the adjustment ranges from 28” to 37” to fit most adults and youths.

Vinyl Handle Delivers Great Comfort

The handle grip of this versatile crutch is of vinyl which brings greater comfort. The vinyl coating imparts softness to support your arm.

Quality Bottom Tip Increases Stability

There lies one bottom tip of superior quality at the bottom. The tip allows secure and accurate footing through the soft tip which increases the stability of the frame.


  • Lightweight but the sufficiently strong frame with aluminum.
  • Incredibly high weight-bearing capability of 500 pounds.
  • Larger tips at the bottom induce stability and silence.
  • Vinyl-coated hand grips provide easy handling and comfort.
  • An independent adjustment system for both leg and forearm.


  • Included rubber is likely to fall off the cuff over excessive usage.
  • The size is not precisely standard to fit taller people.


Better quality construction imparts excellent serviceability for this crutch. With enhanced stability, you will enjoy a great time with this one for sure.

9. Hugo Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches

hugo crutches

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Scientific construction with user-friendly design makes this Crutch a perfect choice to support your legs. This lightweight piece from Hugo comes with almost a perfect combination of necessary features.

Features and Benefits

Lightweight and Sturdy Construction

Through incredible quality construction, this supportive device comes with sufficient sturdiness. The aluminum rings provide a lightweight frame to take the body loads.

Incredible Gripping with the Handles

Having ergonomic handles, you can maintain a natural position all the time for your wrist. Therefore, it keeps you safe against continuous and prolonged walking.

Stair Deflector Enhances Security

Along with virtually unbreakable deflector of sufficient length, you can make safe movement over the stairs. It reduces the slipping possibilities to increase the stress-tolerant.

Convenient Adjustment for Height

You will get a comfortable adjustment facility for the height to have the best fitting with your body. Being suitable for 5’2” up to 5’10” height, it suits mostly young adults of medium height.


  • Absolute serviceability with the anodized aluminum frame.
  • Suitable construction to accommodate medium adults.
  • Curved deflector at the bottom induces greater traction.
  • Almost no premature wearing for the built-in metallic ring.
  • Reduced fatigue through ribbing with the reinforced end.


  • The butterfly nut of the handle may come off.
  • Sudden bending can occur if loaded heavily.


Along with some great features, this one promises better performance. You can even climb up or down the stairs thanks to its innovative design.

10. Soles Aluminum Forearm Crutches

soles aluminum forearm crutches

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This is another conventional-looking crutch that offers versatility and ergonomics. This Soles production induces perfect support for your every needs to allow you are walking with comfort.

Features and Benefits

Reasonable Weight with Aluminum Construction

With a sturdy and high-quality aluminum bar, this crutch comes with maximized strength. Though it is quite strong, the frame provides comparatively lighter weight to carry.

Features Deeper Cuff for Padded Forearm

Along with the deep cuff, you will get to use a comfortable gripping with ease. The cuff features a soft pad for the forearm encouraging your independent movement.

Fits Available Sizes through Height Adjustment

There comes a height adjustment facility to make a perfect fitting with the crutch. The handle can be adjusted which makes it suitable for people who are 52” to 60” tall.

Contoured Padding Enables Easy Usage

The contoured foam allows comfortable gripping for the handle and again, requires fewer maintenance works. It imparts protection and comfort along with the padded underarm and grip covers.


  • High-quality aluminum induces maximized serviceability.
  • Comfortable to use with soft grips and armpit foams.
  • Long-term support for the leg along with optimum durability.
  • Resilient support through external thick Eloxal coverage.
  • Adjustable height fits adult men, women and teenagers.


  • Not suitable for supporting weak or older people.
  • The pad can break down quickly over heavy loads.


Lightweight aluminum with padding provides superior comfort for these modern crutches. Though the design is traditional, delivers exceptional comfort for your mobility.

Final Verdict

Enduring common crutches will induce severe pain at joints and muscles after some days of use. Thus it will increase your pain instead of relieving it. All those mentioned above 10 come with a perfect design to overcome this contemptible problem. Moreover, each of them can reduce the stress to a great extent allowing the user to move with further safety and comfort. Being available under 100 Dollars, they come up with everything to serve you with satisfaction.

Though they lack large features like the pricey ones, they combined everything to give you enjoyable independent mobility without the slightest risk.