ErgoDynamic Crutches Review (FDI)

During the period of recovery from leg accident, you must have to go on a crutch to move or walk. There are various models of conventional crutches with different qualities that are available in the market. However, the main problem most of the people suffer regarding these crutches, they are not much comfortable. As a result, it increases the pain of the patient during this recovery time instead of reducing it.

ergodynamic crutches review

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To help you out of this situation and to provide a comfortable, lightweight crutch, presenting you the ErgoDynamic crutches review. These fabulous crutches are incredibly lightweight which enables you to move with them with utmost comfort. Moreover, the grips and forearm pads are very soft which provides you with an excellent surface for resting your hands. The most exclusive feature of this crutch is a unique shock absorber system which has taken it to a high position in the market and made it a much winning product to customers.

From this review, you will get to know all the details about this crutch and its performance. Continue reading to understand more about it.

Fundamental Requirements to Use These Ones

As you are using a crutch during your recovery time from an injury, you must be very careful while choosing one. To ensure safe and smooth movement in the damaged condition, you must select a crutch which is compatible with your physique. A wrong or mismatching choice of the crutch may lead you to suffer from various difficulty in the long run. On the other hand, a compatible crutch will help you to move with comfort and proper balance and control. There are specific requirements which are necessary to use these crutches which is a must for you to check out before owning one.

If you fulfill these requirements that I have included below, you will have a safe and comfortable movement with these crutches.

  • You must have the average physical strength and body balance to move.
  • The intensity of the injury due to the accident should not be much severe.
  • Your height should be in between 4’7”-6’8”.
  • Your body weight should not be more than 286 lbs.
  • You could walk and move without any support and limitations before the accident occurred.

Additional Features

  • Replaceable Forearm Pad & Grips

ErgoDynamic forearm crutches arrive in the market with its soft forearm pad in the handle which offers you a smooth surface on the handle to rest your forearm and move comfortably with perfect balance. Along with ultimate comfort, these pads prevent any wear or tear in the hands or forearm as well. Besides, the grips of this crutch help you keep the balance and control perfectly while moving on it. Additionally, you can replace these pads and grips of this crutch whenever you want.

  • Ultimate Comfort for its Lightweight

While you have to move with your injured legs, you might be looking for a crutch that gives you reliable support and does not weight too much. If you find it difficult to lift the crutch while moving, then walk would not be pleasant for you. Keeping this fact in mind, the manufacturers of this fabulous crutch brings you the lightest crutch in the world which weighs only 1.32 lbs. Alternatively, 600 g each. So, now you can lift your crutch like a feather and move comfortably.

  • Extraordinary Shock Absorber System

Also, with the feather likely weight, this outstanding crutch is integrated with the advanced shock absorber system. FDI brings its premier design in the ErgoDynamic forearm crutches, and the name itself tells that how dynamically it performs to avoid any shock to the hands, wrists and the shoulders and softens every step you take. This fabulous shock absorber is integrated to the upper shaft of the crutch, and there is an in-handle linkage system which together offers a smooth and silent operation every time throughout its 1.26 inches (2.5cm) of travel.

  • Great Control & Outstanding Mobility

As you are moving with your injured legs depending on the crutch, you must have precise control to walk safely. To ensure full control over the crutch FDI introduces the in-handle linkage system integrated with the shock absorbing system in the design of this Crutches which provides positive forward momentum while walking. As a result, it provides you with better control and improves the mobility to move safely relying on the crutch.

  • 3 Different Shock Absorber Spring Rate/Weight Range Options

This Crutch gives you an incredible versatility to choose the suitable crutch with which you are comfortable with. This great crutch is available in 3 shock absorber spring rate/weight range options. Now, you can choose the perfect crutch with suits your size and weight. This crutch can easily hold the weight of the user up to 286 lbs(130 kg).


  • Extremely lightweight crutch which provides you a comfortable walk.
  • Ultra-soft forearm pads prevent wear and tear in hand and give ultimate comfort and grip.
  • This crutch is much durable and long lasting.
  • Advanced technology shock absorbing system provides smooth and silent operation.
  • Provides you with excellent control and perfect balance.


  • Length adjustment is a little bit difficult, and the arm cradle is not adjustable as well.
  • There is no arm strap which may cause to face you little bit difficulty to free one hand when needed.

Consumer Rating

This crutch has got the right amount of positive reviews from the customers with most of the satisfying rating is 5 stars. The convenient features and safety issues of this crutch have achieved a great attraction from the customers in the market.

However, the rating itself reflects, how much the customers loved this product.

Market Price

With the durable construction and ergonomic features, it has attracted many customers towards it, and it has proved its acceptance to the customer at its moderate price. Comparing to the other crutches in the market at this similar price it provides satisfactory service to the customers.

So, the market price is quite worthy of its serviceability.

ergodynamic forearm crutches by fdi

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Final Words

When you are going through the recovery period of your leg injury, you must own a suitable and compatible pair of crutch which meets up all your requirements. From this ErgoDynamic forearm crutches by FDI review, you have already got to know about the details of this product. This lightweight crutch with a fantastic shock absorber system will undoubtedly provide you with the best support during this recovery period for safe movement.

If you fulfill all the requirements, you can go for this crutch without any worry.

Hi, I'm Doctor Jo, a licensed Physical Therapist, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I hope you enjoy my article of stretches & exercises for common injuries and syndromes. If you have a question, just ask. Be safe. Have fun. And I hope you feel better soon.