Where To Get Free Crutches Near Me?

Crutches are one of the most common medical equipment which is used during the recovery time from the leg or foot injury. Moreover, it is also used after surgery as well.

If we talk about the crutches, the first thing that comes to our mind is the conventional crutches which are the underarm crutches.

Though these crutches let you walk without putting pressure on the injured legs or foot, it will lock both of your hands.

As a result, it will be complicated to accomplish your daily task during your recovery time.

Moreover, the conventional underarm crutches hurt your hands, wrists, arms and rub the underarms badly.

So, sometimes you might be looking for an alternate solution of crutches on this occasion.

To provide you the solution regarding this problem of the standard crutches, here I am introducing you the free crutches, and I will also answer the most asked question of yours which is where to get free crutches near me.

Free crutches are amazing equipment which use the legs to support the weight of the body instead of your hands and underarms.

You can say it as your short legs during the injury recovery time.

For this reason, your hands remain free, and you can perform your daily activities comfortably.

As a result, you can experience ultimate comfort, mobility, and flexibility keeping all the weights off your foot.

Besides, the standard crutches may cause injury to the injured part of the legs again accidentally which may increase the pain.

Moreover, it will increase the recovery time due to this and also may ruin the better outcome of using crutches.

Where to Get Free Crutches Near Me?

free crutches

Crutches might be the most hated device that you may not want to use in your life.

However, unfortunately, if you fall victim to a leg injury or go under surgery, you have to use the crutches during your recovery period.

As I have mentioned earlier that free crutches are more flexible and comfortable to experience better mobility.

So, you might be thinking of getting it, if you need it at any time.

Here I am to answer your aforementioned crucial question.

Get your Free Crutch from the Doctor or Hospital

If you fall victim to any leg injury you or go under surgery, you must have to consult with an orthopedist.

By understanding your condition your doctor or the hospital will issue you a crutch.

Typically, they give conventional crutches. However, you can get free crutch from them as well.

You can also get help from them to check the compatibility of the free crutch with you by them.

Find Crutches Online

If you don’t want to get the free crutch from the hospital or doctor as sometimes they may overcharge, then you might go for buying own.

You can purchase it from the online market.

You can order free crutches from Amazon and other online marketplaces as well.

Rent Crutches

There are many free crutches available in the market which is for rent.

You can visit a different website and find many free crutches available for rent at a different rate.

Just choose the right one by your budget and rental rate and get it.

Donate Crutches

After recovering from the injury period, you can donate your used free crutch to various charitable organizations.

There are many needy and less fortunate people all around the world who can’t afford these free crutches which can make lifestyle comfortable.

Your donation would be a lifesaver one to other people.

How Free Crutches Work?

If you see the standard underarm crutches, it uses your arms and hands to support your body weight and keeps you stand up and walk.

However, free crutches do not use any of your hands or arms.

Instead of using the hands or arms, it uses the uninjured part of the legs to hold the device and the support the weight of the body.

There are two straps which hold the crutches with the thigh.

You can kneel on the comfortable padded lower leg platform to keep your body weight on it.

Moreover, there is a convenient platform for the lower leg which is held by some straps and keep your legs securely there.

Check out if you are Compatible with the Free Crutches!

Free crutches are such device which makes it very comfortable for you to stand up and walk conveniently with much flexibility than the conventional crutches.

But this device is not for everyone!

You have to fulfill some condition, and your health condition should be in a particular state to use this free crutch.

So here are some conditions which must be fulfilled to use these crutches.

Must be in Good Health

You must be in good health before the leg injury occurred. You could use these free crutches if walking or climbing did not challenge you before the injury.

Lower Leg Injury

You can use these crutches if you only have the lower leg injury. Moreover, it would help if you were non-weight bearing as well.

One Uninjured Leg

Both of your legs should not be injured. One of your legs should be okay to use these free crutches.


Your height should be in between 4’ 10’’ to 6’ 6’’.


Your weight should not be less than 275 lbs or 125 kg.

Distance around Legs

The gap around your legs should not be more than 27 inches when taken high on the thigh.


In conclusion, form this article you came to know about the free crutches and its advantages as well.

Moreover, here I have also informed you about how you can find the free crutches near you when you need it immediately if you fall victim to a leg injury or go under surgery.

Now you know how you can get more flexibility, mobility, and freedom during your injury time.


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