Millennial In Motion Crutches Review

Did you have done foot surgery recently? Alternatively, have you done a severe leg accident? If so, then you have come to the right place.

This Millennial In Motion crutches review will let you know thoroughly why it is best for the quick recovery for severely injured patients. Moreover, why these mid-range crutches have become the best favorite among customers. Also, we will take you through the additional features of these. This review is based on honest customer reviews, their user experience and by the in-depth analysis from our experts. Let’s dive in!

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Fundamental Requirements to Use These Ones

Heavy crutches can carry heavy weights.

Moreover, with an advanced spring system, folding facility these crutches are a must use for a severely injured patient. In not only comes with heavy aluminum construction but also can carry weights up to 500 lbs. Moreover, the quick folding accessibility provides the patient with maximum comfort.

Let’s now dive into details of these user-friendly crutches and know about the fundamental requirements to use these.

  • These crutches are ideally suited for both shorter and taller people. You can go for these crutches even if you have a height of 4’6″ or even 7’2″. The adjustable tips will allow making the crutches shorter or taller accordingly.
  • The impact of reducing the spring system will provide maximum comfort to people who have recently done foot surgery. It is also perfect for people who had a severe leg injury.
  • These don’t cause any unwanted injuries to your underarms or wrists for holding it for an extended period. So people who are suffering from long-term injuries can go for these.

Additional Features

  • Sturdy Construction & Heavy Duty Performance

With the aluminum body construction, the Millennial crutches come with heavy duty performance. It can support people weighing up to 500 lbs. The aluminum body simultaneously makes these crutches affordable and provides higher durability.

  • Quick Folding facility

These aluminum built crutches has a folding capability. This ensures that you can carry them with you having anywhere you want without any hassle. Moreover, this folding feature allows you to store your crutches anywhere in the house. The space saving folding system can also, However, while you sit in a place. You fold the crutches when you sit and unfold when you stand up. Moreover, this folding can be done within a second. So these crutches are very convenient to use.

  • Impact Reducing Spring Technology

If you are suffering from any severe leg injury or even ankle or knee injury, then these crutches can be your best companion. These crutches are empowered with impact-reducing spring technology. So whenever you hit the ground, you will feel less or no impact on your movement. This one is mandatory for a quick recovery. Moreover, this spring technology ensures maximum comfort for your progress. Not only on the flat surfaces and concretes but also you can move through the dirt, grass or even on carpets without any discomfort.

  • Adjustable Crutch Tips

This In Motion Pro crutches from Millennial come with an adjustable crutch tips feature. That means you can set the dial-ins according to your height. Generally, these crutches are a perfect fit for people having a height of 4’6″ to 7’2″. So if you find the crutches short, don’t worry! Just adjust the tips according to your comfort.

  • Ergonomically Designed Handles

Treat, these crutches will provide with maximum comfort. The handles of these crutches in such a way that you won’t have to suffer from underarm or wrist injuries anymore. For the profoundly injured patient, if you are using crutches for a more extended period, the standard crutches can cause nerve damages or even carpal tunnel syndrome. However, the well-engineered In Motion Pro crutches will help you to get rid of these problems. Also, these crutches will keep your wrist safe and sound.

  • Available in Three Different Colors

You can find these crutches in different colors. Either you can choose charcoal gray color or electric red color or even solid white. As there are different colors available in the market so you can choose according to your choice.


  • Premium construction materials ensure durability.
  • Spring system enables easy to maneuver.
  • Well designed handles protect you from underarm or wrist injuries.
  • Adjustable dial-ins.
  • Quick folding facility.
  • Able to carry heavy weights.
  • Available in three different colors.


  • These crutches might seem a bit heavy. However, you will get used to it after using a few days.
  • You may find these crutches challenging to use in beaches. The sands can get stick to the rubber feet. However, you can easily remove the dust by using a spray.

Consumer Rating

Considering the pros and benefits of using these crutches, the cons can be easily outweighed. That’s why it has got most of the rating 5 stars. Only a negligible amount of percentage people give these crutches poor rating. Analyzing the customer reviews deeply, they gave poor reviews because they found the crutches to be a bit heavy.

However, some of them changed their mind after using these crutches for a while.

Market Price

People are prone to spend more money to get a quick recovery. Don’t think over-priced ones will heal you faster. Nevertheless, the one suits you best, provides your best comfort, will treat you quicker. So why are you looking for over-priced crutches when there are mid-range crutches to provide you with maximum support and safety?

Yes, this mid-ranged crutches outranked the market because of its superior performance within affordable price.

in motion crutches review

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Final Words

Though the crutches a bit heavy than the standard ones, but the features and performance of this In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Foldable crutches can easily outrank them. To conclude, these crutches have a durable construction which ensures stability and safety. Also, these come with folding capability and a high weight lifting facility.

Moreover, advanced spring technology makes these crutches stand out of the market.

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