Mobility Designed Crutches Review

Have you ever thought of hands-free crutches? It was quite unimaginable until M+D Crutches arrived at the market. Here in this Mobility Designed crutches review, we will let you know about a completely redesigned crutches. These crutches are attached to the elbows causing no additional injuries like the traditional ones. These crutches help to eliminate the pressure from wrist, armpit or hand.

mobility designed crutches review

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Not only its outstanding design and concept, but these also stand out the market because of its superior built quality, better stability, and zero slippage option. Moreover, the shock absorption facility provides you with substantial support to the base. Additionally, there you will find interchangeable tips to access quickly in terrain areas.

Let’s now have a short look at the fundamental requirements along with its additional features.

Fundamental Requirements to Use These Ones

Whenever talking about M+D Crutches, the first thing to mention, these are hands-free crutches which allow you to comb your hair, brush your teeth or even take selfies while you are walking with these crutches. How? These crutches are not placed under armpits or even with wrist and hands. Instead, these crutches use elbows as support. So you won’t ever have to suffer from underarm injuries or wrist pain. Moreover, it has higher stability than other traditional crutches.

Now let’s dive into the fundamental requirements to use these crutches.

  • You should at least have a height of 4’11” to use these crutches. However, make sure you are not taller than 6’8″. Within this range, anyone can use these crutches at ease.
  • These crutches can carry body weight up to 300 pounds. The superbly engineered body weight distribution system will provide great comfort with less pressure on your body while using.
  • If you want to stretch your torso, you can easily do with these crutches. Moreover, you can stand taller if you want.
  • You will find easily interchangeable tips which help to grip the ground more comfortably. Also, the shock absorption facility allows reducing any unwanted shaking of your body during movement.

Additional Features

  • Hands-Free Crutches

These M+D Crutches are hands-free. That means you don’t need to control your crutches with your hands anymore. So how it will be managed? Ok, it can be controlled with your elbows. Yes, it’s not like the traditional crutches. So there is no risk of causing armpit injuries. Even the forearm crutches occur injuries to wrist, hand, and armpits too. You can easily unlock these crutches with a hinged arm cradle. As these crutches are hands-free, so you can do with your hands whatever you like- brushing your teeth, combing your hair or even taking selfies without touching the crutches with your hands.

  • Adjustable and Flexible Armbands

These crutches come with height adjusting facility. These are suitable for users having a height of 4’11” to 6’8″. Also there you will find flexible armbands which can be adjusted easily. These elastic armbands provide excellent support while attaching or detaching them from your elbows.

  • Shock Absorption Facility

These specially designed crutches come with a shock absorption feature. This feature allows you to get a minimal amount of impact on your body in every step. Thus these crutches provide maximum comfort and ease on the go. This shock absorption facility also provides substantial support while walking.

  • Fits in Both Band

These M+D Crutches fit comfortably to your both hands- right and left. There you will find a braille color code that enables you to hold the crutches quickly.

  • Zero Slippage Option

Though the crutches are a bit heavy and some may find it difficult to manoeuver, but these crutches come with total zero slipping possibility. You can easily walk reluctantly on wet poolside tiles, wooden or vinyl floors, cement/asphalt, grass or dirt, ETC. Also, you can stretch your torso with these crutches to stand taller. Moreover, you can maneuver through the stairs without any problem. You don’t need any additional support if you have these crutches.

  • No Unwanted Pains

This is the best part of using these crutches- no unwanted pains like the traditional crutches. You won’t have to suffer from different unwanted pain such as arm or wrist pain. Thus while walking around with these crutches, you will feel healthier and recover soon.


  • Sturdy design and premium look.
  • No additional pains such as underarm injuries, wrist or hand pain.
  • Height adjusting facility.
  • Hands-free easy operating facility.
  • Its empowered with shock absorption facility.
  • Anti-slipping foot provides super stability.


  • There is no cup holder attached to these crutches.
  • Though it has a superb supporting facility, some people find it difficult because it is a bit heavy than traditional ones. Don’t worry! You will slowly get used to these.

Consumer Rating

Considering all the features and benefits, the cons can be easily ignored. Having a cup holder is not mandatory. You will also get used to these crutches after using it for a while.

It has got the most rating 5-stars and still serves all your purposes without any doubt.

Market Price

You may find these crutches a bit pricey than any others. However, it also offers a wide range of functionality and comfort. These crutches are built in an entirely different way for better stability and comfort. If you are looking for hands-free crutches, then you will find that these crutches are the budget crutches in the market.

To know more about these hands-free M+D Crutches, please visit here.

mobility designed crutches

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Final Words

Needless to mention, these M+D Crutches come with some unique feature- hands-free operation, zero slippage, no unwanted pains, and superb stability. These features make it one of the best crutches in the modern market. Though few are lacking such as- no coffee holder or a bit heavier, but these are not big issues at all.

If you are want to enhance your experience with unique features providing the most comfort and safety-these crutches are a must try for them.