When Do You Need A Wheelchair?

Dealing with debilitating illness/injury or chronic pain is difficult as it conveys physical disability.

Resulting from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), it not uncommon to find yourself in a wheelchair eventually.

Some patients need it as a temporary companion whereas others may find it as a permanent assistant.

Therefore, if you are in such condition, you may think when do you need a wheelchair to make your move?

In most cases, it is quite difficult to say the exact time to call for wheelchair assistance.

There are some specific signs which will let you know that it is time to go out sitting on a wheelchair.

Whether it’s occasional, frequent or consistent; you have to go for a certain decision regarding wheelchair help.

This is why it is important to consider the important factors discussed in the article while making up the mind.

When do you need a Wheelchair?

Choosing life with a wheelchair can be an emotional decision, even for a disabled person.

Many patients are still reluctant to consider this option. Yet, promoting mobility & better life quality comes through using a wheelchair.

With the advancement of modern technology, newer features are added to the devices to make it more convenient, useful & suitability.

But having a wheelchair will allow you to enjoy the little things you can’t afford with the lack of physical mobility.

You can come close to your well-time productivity with the assistance of the right wheelchair.

Essential Considerations for Choosing a Wheelchair!

Coming right to the considerations, we discussed the essential ones regarding your physical condition.

These will help you to make the rightful decision at once to get the life back.

Basic Struggles in Daily Life

need a wheelchair

The very first thing to consider is how much struggle you have to go through in your daily life.

If making your movement in the job site, public places or inside the house becomes difficult, then you should go for a wheelchair.

This device is the answer to too many bothering problems in this regard.

It is of no benefit to cause further strain on the body & stress on the mind using crutches or similar supportive devices.

Even if the strife & pain prevails for short-time/on occasion, wheelchair assistance will certainly relieve the exhaustion.

In many cases, completing the basic tasks without extreme fatigue & pain becomes impossible. In that case, your need for a wheelchair is inevitable.

Safety Issues Regarding Choosing a Wheelchair

do i need a wheelchair

When it comes to safety, no compromise is acceptable. Whether it is you or not, safety is always a major concern.

It is not uncommon that some patients tend to risk their lives doing basic tasks or specific jobs.

It may not seem very dangerous at first glance, but the severe consequence may arrive over the slightest carelessness.

With assistance from a wheelchair, no risk even occurs & he/she can perform the job well enough.

Therefore, you should buy one to avoid such unnecessary risks in your precious life.

Being reluctant for using a wheelchair is not an option to deal with your safety.

Having one will keep you safe all along and get your necessary job done easily, with nobody getting hurt.

Missing Family Gathering or Social Event

when do you need a wheelchair

How much you missed also has an important role in deciding when do you need a wheelchair.

Being a social person, you are bound to limit the extent of your current condition seems bad.

This will certainly affect your mental health. Moving through a wheelchair can be of great help in such circumstance.

And if you are missing face-to-face interactions (important or not) or family gatherings, the wheelchair can make life easier for you.

You can get back your mobility and visit the neighbors or loves ones without being strained or fatigued.

Sitting on a wheelchair, you can attend the family or social events just right which will help with your mind.

This is how you can enjoy freedom without being chained to a confined room inside the house.

Previous Leisure Activity

do you need a wheelchair

Another significant factor, which concerns with both your physical & mental health, is your previous activeness.

Many patients went through great leisurely activities have now suffered from mental stress.

Getting around with your wheelchair is going to make things easy for you relieving the imbecility from the mind.

Although moving with a wheelchair may not give you exactly what you had in mind when you were well, it will help to a considerable extent for sure.

Whether it’s particular sports, fishing, medication or a simple stroll, the wheelchair is there to open your chance once again.

Thus, your previous interests which seemed impossible to get within your reach with the use of a wheelchair.

Medical Consultancy for Further Suggestion

need wheelchair

Though this comes at the last, it doesn’t come with the least importance.

Consulting a professional can also prescribe for a wheelchair use checking your current physical condition.

In this regard, you have to reveal your physique as well as your mind quite specifically to get the best consultancy service.

Depending on your disability type & duration, surgery & injury intensity, you should get a professional opinion in this regard.

Even if you are suffering from disability in long-term without using a wheelchair, it is nice of you to consult a suitable doctor when you are about to get one to address your problem.


A wheelchair is no longer considered a liability or shortcoming for a disabled person.

It never was. Being reluctant or emotional will get you nothing but fatigue, pain & stress with mental pressure.

Although the situation is way better, many patients with MS disability can’t figure out “do I need a wheelchair” or more likely “when do I need a wheelchair” problem.

Well, going through consideration should result in a certain answer. If the answer seems positive, then you should start taking a look into the available types of the wheelchair as well.

Hi, I'm Doctor Jo, a licensed Physical Therapist, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I hope you enjoy my article of stretches & exercises for common injuries and syndromes. If you have a question, just ask. Be safe. Have fun. And I hope you feel better soon.


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