When Do You Need Crutches?

Crutches are quite useful to provide sufficient support and therefore to help walking after an injury to legs, feet or hips.

It allows no weight placement on the injured body part allowing a rapid recovery for the damaged portion and enabling the patient to move as well.

It is essential to ensure that your current physical condition requires the help of crutches.

When do you need crutches? Mostly depends upon the intensity of your injury and also, the treatment.

If you think that you are about to need a pair of crutches, then you better consult a doctor or physiotherapist to make sure its valid requirement.

Moreover, consulting a doctor will also help you to detect your problem more accurately.

Again, an experienced doctor can even prescribe you a pair of crutches that suits your problem.

If the doctor prescribes something other than crutches, you should avoid it which will keep you safe from its side effects.

Requirements to Use a Pair of Crutches!

In the very very beginning, you will have to consider the intensity of the injury.

Strictly speaking, crutches are entirely a helpful tool for low or moderate injury.

If your injury is severe, it is always better to avoid possible movements all the time until a proper recovery.

Again, you have to check out whether the crutches will support legs having surgery or intense damage due to the accident.

For extreme cases, you must take bed rest for a time until your injury recovers to a great extent.

When it is about to move with crutches, you must have at least sufficient physical ability.

Higher body strength will allow you to move with further comfort and ease.

Apart from that, you have to maintain adequate body balance.

A right combination of stability and strength will enable you to make movements with much less effort.

Otherwise, you may have strength, but that will come of no use.

When do I Need Crutches?

To Heal the Pain from the Injury

need crutches

A perfect crutch induces further support to keep off the body weights of the injured leg.

Not to mention, an injured leg requires quite some time to heal.

For fracture or nailing, using crutches not just allows comfortable support, it also induces incredible protection for the injured body parts.

In fact, for a fractured femur, you must provide no weight or support for a sufficient period.

Also, if you got nailing for the injury, it is better to get a pair of crutches until the nailing is completely taken out.

To Bear the Body Weight

do i need crutches

Apart from the injury, you may require crutches to bear the physical weight to a great extent.

This application of crutches is entirely correct with people having lower or insufficient extremities.

For a practical example, you can think of an injured ankle or knee.

Any damage to the ankle or knee delivers an excruciating pain in most cases.

Using crutches will help you to relieve the stress over the ankle or knee.

Therefore, you will deliver an excellent condition for a rapid recovery for those.

Furthermore, you can go for them to promote recovery and healing to reduce the pressure if necessary.

To Recover Muscular Diseases

do you need crutches

For patients having neuromuscular diseases often experience the weakening of the leg and hip muscles.

However, it leads to a continuous stiffness of the muscular tissues of the body.

It causes difficulty for the body to maintain a good and consistent balance.

Therefore, it becomes quite troublesome to make smooth and regular movements.

To get rid of such exerting physical work, you may choose crutches to make your time a bit more comfortable.

Benefits of Using Crutches!

Using medical crutches come with several outstanding advantages to smoothen your movements.

Not to mention, suitable and fitting crutches will keep you balanced with sufficient support all the time.

Also, you can make some other specific benefits using these versatile medical devices.

  • It enables you to stand up straight by providing spinal support.
  • Easy to use anywhere, even in narrow as well as bumpy places.
  • Quite helpful to move over the stairs without much difficulty.
  • Allows a quick and orthopedic movement all the time.

One of the most important benefits is worth noting that they provide much less pain like familiar underarm crutches.

Conventional underarm crutches come with underarm support which induces pain and difficulty in case of prolonged usage.

At present, physiotherapists recommend forearm crutches rather than underarm ones.


To receive the best serviceability from a forearm crutch, you must take into account when you need crutches to support the weight.

A crutch that mostly is unsuitable for your body will cause your muscles to taste an increase in strains at the hips and joints.

Thus an improper one will make you suffer the consequences.

For a preferable manipulation along with your injured leg, hip or ankle, knee, you must pick the one having optimum compatibility.

If you can take care of those requirements, you will get a pretty good recovery time with these crutches.

Hi, I'm Doctor Jo, a licensed Physical Therapist, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I hope you enjoy my article of stretches & exercises for common injuries and syndromes. If you have a question, just ask. Be safe. Have fun. And I hope you feel better soon.


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